A temporary demo of Isles of Adalar, games in the spirit of the Elder Scrolls series, has been released

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Peakway Software, an independent studio, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its Isles of Adalar role-playing game . The team plans to release it in early access in the summer of 2020. And before that, the developers hope to raise money to attract additional employees and better prepare for the start.

The studio chose Indiegogo as a fundraising platform . The target is 275 thousand dollars. However, the creators of Isles of Adalar will receive their money, regardless of whether they manage to get to this amount.

There are 29 days left until the campaign finale. And all this time, fans of classic RPGs in the spirit of Morrowind can get acquainted with the demo version of Isles of Adalar. It features multiplayer and a built-in level editor. But the ability to save the game is disabled, so each session will have to start from scratch.

Isles of Adalar should be an almost endless adventure with a focus on the plot. Developers see it as a game and at the same time a tool for creating their own campaigns. Therefore, the focus is on supporting custom modifications.

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