Valve tests launching Linux games in containers

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Valve is clearly not ready to give up games on Linux. In the fresh beta version of the Steam client, the ability to run entertainment projects in additional isolation mode is tested . Or, simply put, in containers. Namespaces are used for this.

This allows you to increase protection against crashes, run old games in new distributions and solve the compatibility problem with different versions of the OS. It also allows you to launch the latest versions of virtual entertainment on old or just still supported LTS distributions.

Given that the Steam directory includes 6470 games specifically for Linux, this is a logical step.

By the way, the company has updated its assembly of Proton to version 4.11-8. It solves problems with the launch and operation of Rockstar Launcher and Grand Theft Auto 5 , as well as improved support for game controllers in Farming Simulator 19 and Resident Evil 2 . In Arma 3, it was possible to solve problems with the mouse, and the system also learned to launch Devil May Cry .

Other changes mainly relate to updating existing components.

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