Wired Productions Launches The Falconeer Falcon Simulator on Xbox

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Game designer Thomas Sala, founder of Tomas Sala Games and co-founder of Little Chicken Game Company , is working on his own game, The Falconeer . This is an open-world project in which we have to participate in air battles as a falcon.In the water world of Ursi, three factions fight for the ancient secrets of the depths, and you can look at the conflict from all three sides. During the game, we will have to explore the world, visit the islands and man-made archipelagos, settlements and bases of our faction, which develop as our loyalty grows.

Battles are arranged as usual aerial fights involving technology, but in The Falconeer crazy air tricks are added to them. Among the enemies are other battle falcons, as well as huge airships, flying bugs, stingrays and dragon-like weaver birds.Simulator Falcon The Falconeer will be released on PC, and the publisher Wired Productions will release it also on the Xbox One. It will happen in 2020.

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